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Gurukul International Public School is established in the year 2012 under Uma Charana Educational & Rural Development Charitable Trust by an eminent educationist Mr. Prasanta Mahapatra with a mission to enrich the children with an international acclaimed integrated curriculum through modern teaching Methodology in a stress free environment where learning will be spiritual, enchanting and blissful.And with a vision to create future global citizens powered by international culture, spiritual thinking, yogic mind and true leadership to make a complete human being.Because he beliefs that within each child, there remains a scientist, an academician, a business tycoon, a musician or a leader. By nurturing young minds in a stress free environment & giving them wings to fly as they desire to discover their hidden potential. The learning is spiritual, it is divine, not just a race. We wish to see them grow into dynamic adults who will be at ease once they leave the protected walls of the school and enter the vast world which is so different from the text books they read. Now the strength of the School is more than 300 Students.

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