The artist does not create a sculpture from the stone. It was already there. He just removes the unnecessary particles


Within each child, there remains a scientist, an academician, a business tycoon, a musician or a leader. We believe in nurturing young minds in a stress free environment & giving them wings to fly as they desire to discover their hidden potential. The learning is spiritual, it is divine, not just a race. We wish to see them grow into dynamic adults who will be at ease once they leave the protected walls of the school and enter the vast world which is so different from the textbooks they read. GIPS differentiate itself from the other schools based on its philosophy of creating all round personalities like those in the days of GURUKUL SYSTEM. We constantly endeavour to provide our students with a learning environment in which they have as many opportunities as possible to excel and also to distinguish themselves in academics as well as a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities with international flavor .

Prasanta Mahapatra

Chairman (Gurukul International Public School)

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